Le Definitive Ultra Light Merino Bamboo Ski Socks

Black/white $44.95

Our Ultra Light ski sock is a true performance fit. For those wishing for a tight fit with added shin protection and our Platinum Blend of bamboo and merino for superior warmth and comfort. Combining the warmth from merino socks and softness of bamboo socks.
Our most performance fitting sock in the range.

Feel the Difference.


  1. The Platinum Blend of bamboo and merino wool.
    Provides a warm, dry, stink free and super soft layer on the skin. Combining the best of merino socks and bamboo socks in our Platinum Blend for your enjoyment.
  2. The Definitive Fit System for a better fit.
    Increased comfort and support providing the right fit for your foot around each key area: Achilles; instep (upper and lower); and ankle.
  3. Impact Cushioning Zones and Mesh Ventilation.
    Superior comfort along with temperature and moisture management.


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