Worn by some of New Zealand’s best Freeskiers Surfanic continues to step up design and fabric tech – taped seams – water proof and breathable – warm. Surfanic offer incredible value without comprising on style and technicality Designed to look a million dollars but costs way less.

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Surfanic offer three ranges, Core, Edge and Limit. Basically speaking they mean, Good, Better and Best, they’re all feature packed!



The CORE8K series represents the key standards you expect from your quality outerwear. CORE8K has all of the refinements you need for all conditions. Fully waterproof and breathable performance fabrics make every garment in this series perfect in even the worst conditions. Whether you keep wiping out, rolling around, or sliding down on your butt; the CORE8K range will keep you protected. Packed full of features other brands would call top of the range, the CORE8K range boasts fully taped seams, pit zip venting, and a fixed powder skirt to name but a few.


The EDGE10K series offers you that little bit extra; subtle add-on’s designed to make that ride a little sweeter. EDGE10K use our high performance fabrics with enhanced levels of waterproofness and breathability. Combined, these offer outstanding protection against the elements. These fabrics are treated with a durable water repellent coating, acting as the first barrier against the elements. Wanting for nothing, the EDGE10K series comes packed with all the features you could ever want or need. The addition of the magnetic closures, removable snow skirt and media pocket, are sure to make this range stand out from the crowd.


LIMIT20K gives the ultimate in protection and features. This performance apparel range combines our years of technical know-how, innovation and promises the best. The LIMIT20K offers the same feature package as EDGE10K, but with an enhanced level of protection given by the fabric. The best just got better.

Surfanic Jonah Mens Crew Baselayer Ski & Snowboard

Surfanic Roly Mens Long John Baselayer Ski & Snowboard

Surfanic Kids Cushy Glove

Surfanic Akki Carbon Dri Long John Girls Baselayer

Surfanic Lockie Carbon Dri Crew Girls Baselayer

Surfanic Mandy Girls Fleece

Surfanic Dove Girls Down Jacket

Surfanic Pippa Girls Ski & Snowboard Pants

Surfanic Ditty Girls Jacket

Surfanic Cosmo Girls Jacket

Surfanic Bubbles Girls Jacket

Surfanic Kids Snapper Glove

Surfanic Tegs Carbon Dri Long John baselayer

Surfanic Ziggy Carbon Dri Crew baselayer

Surfanic Booga Kids Fleece

Surfanic Stomp kids ski & snowboard pants

Surfanic Hawk Boys Down Jacket

Surfanic Casper Kids Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Brak Kids Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Archie Kids Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Paw Ladies Ski & Snowboard Mitt

Surfanic Feeler Ladies Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Surfanic Poppy Carbon Dri Ladies Long John Baselayer

Surfanic Calley Carbon Dri Ladies Zip Neck Baselayer

Surfanic Susi Carbon Dri Ladies Crew Baselayer

Surfanic Dill Ladies Ski & Snowboard Fleece

Surfanic Lynx Down Ladies Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Tempest Ladies Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Perfect Ladies Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Storm Down Ladies Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Elektra Ladies Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Asara Ladies Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Grasp Mens Ski & Snowboard Mitt

Surfanic Force Mens Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Surfanic Core Mens Ski & Snowboard Gloves

Surfanic Roly Mens Long John Baselayer Ski & Snowboard

Surfanic Jonah Mens Crew Baselayer Ski & Snowboard

Surfanic Greavsie Mens Fleece

Surfanic Tucker Mens Fleece

Surfanic Rival Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Hellion Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Ranch Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Park Ski & Snowboard Pant

Surfanic Dune Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Monarch Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Inferno Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Raptor Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Trailbreaker Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Baccus Ski & Snowboard Jacket

Surfanic Airwave Ski & Snowboard Jacket

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Surfanic Features


Velcro is the past. Poppers are tricky when you’re wearing gloves. The future is here, the future is Magnetic Closures. This is a feature normally found in jackets three times the price of ours – but once again Surfanic are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Be amazed at how simple these are to use. Using a powerful force field, one half of the closure seems strangely attracted to the other forming a tight bond.


All Surfanic jackets feature a snow skirt. Some fixed, some removable. The skirt will help keep in the warm and stop powder getting to places you would rather it not. There’s even a way to clip it out of the way when you’re not on the slopes.


Selected jackets feature a detachable hood, using a series of poppers and a zip, with a 3-way volume control. If the skies are blue, unzip the hood and experience a new feeling of freedom. Fixed hood jackets also feature 3-way adjustment.





Having one glove isn’t going to cut it. If you take them off, we have a handy place to attach them. A great idea to keep them together.


A no snow zone. When you wear any sort of long sleeve top under your jacket the chances are it’s gonna get wet around the cuff. Dr Surfanic hates it when this happens, which is why Surfanic jackets all have a snow cuff to prevent this. The thumb loops keep the cuff in place forming a tight seal around the wrist to keep the snow out.


All Surfanic jackets and pants feature poppers enabling them to be joined. This will stop half a tonne of snow going up your back when you inevitably wipe-out.





The base of all Surfanic jackets has a patch on the inside known as a “Dry Butt Patch”. This ingenious patch of waterproof fabric prevents the inside of the jacket from becoming soaked and keeps your butt dry.


Zip up, zip down, this handy zipper enables you to unzip from the bottom of the jacket for a bit of ventilation. Perfect for when you visit the little boys or girls room!


Just pull the cord single-handed to tighten the hem of the jacket. No messing about and no problem if your wearing gloves.





There’s nothing worse than getting an icy chill down your neck – bbrrrrrr! Enjoy the luxurious and snug feel of a super soft micro fleece lined collar. Now a feature in all Surfanic jackets. Keep out the chills and make the jacket feel that little bit more special.


Overheating happens. It doesn’t matter that it’s freezing cold and everywhere you look there’s snow, you still need to cool down sometimes. All our adult Jackets have pit zip venting to enable you to release this build up of heat before it becomes an issue. Under each arm you’ll find a concealed zip, open this and feel the cool.


Tickets please! We have developed jackets featuring a variety of ski pass holders to match the different systems used on the mountains – what a clever idea!

Tech_SnowSkirtRetainer (1)



For the times when your not wearing the snow skirt, these handy press buttons keep it tidy and tucked away.


The ideal place to keep that piste map safe and dry! Hidden under the storm flap so you don’t have to undo your jacket to reach it